Have patience, and hide the scissors, for new look


STOP!" MY SISTER squealed as she grabbed the scissors, poised inches from my hair. "You promised you would give the new look a try."

I lied, I said, as I headed for the den in search of pinking shears.

"All you have to do is wait for the layers to all grow out to one length. It takes patience," she pleaded.

I looked in the mirror. A disproportionate amount of my hair was pointing west. I went in pursuit of the cuticle scissors.

"I thought we agreed that you wanted a change. After all, you've had the same hairstyle since 1979. Nineteen years of the k.d. lang look is enough," she said. "You're a Jenny Jones makeover waiting to happen."

Perhaps, but right now I do not like the woman I have become. I obsess over mousses and gel, barrettes and bobby pins. I spray and I tuck and dry, and at the end of the entire process, I'm 15 minutes late for work and my hair looks like Marlo Thomas in "That Girl" -- the early episodes.

"You were always 15 minutes late for work. Don't even try to blame that on the hair," my sister noted dryly.

Later, as she was leaving -- all sharp objects removed from my home and secure in her purse -- my sister reminded me of the one compelling reason I should commit to the new look.

"Remember, with the short hair, you look just like Mom."

Pass the Aqua Net, Glen Burnie.

Civitan benefits community

It's the bottom of the seventh inning and the Orioles and their opponent are tied 2-2. Tensions mount as the umpire makes a questionable call. The sun is beating down from the unforgiving July sky. Your stomach is reminding you that that last hot dog was probably an error in judgment.

Do you go home and possibly miss a Cal Ripken grand slam? Or do you slip out to one of the four "Civitan Wellness Center" vending machines and stock up on some sunscreen, Tylenol and a Mylanta?

Ron Sams, president of the Civitan Club of Glen Burnie, notes that there are four machines at Camden Yards. Conveniently located on three levels behind first base, the vending machines dispense individual packets of over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, aspirin, Mylanta, Blistex and sunscreens. A fourth machine can be found at the Fan Assistance Center.

The vending machines raise funds for the club, which uses the proceeds to support a variety of projects to benefit citizens with special needs.

The club is preparing to install a handicap ramp for a 3-year-old Pasadena child who has cerebral palsy. The project is a community effort, with contributions of money and material from area businesses and labor provided by a group of volunteer Seabees stationed at the Naval Academy.

Work on the project is scheduled to begin next weekend.

For information on the vending machines or any of the Civitan projects, call Sams at 410-551-4921.

Mystery guests from Orioles

In a pleasant turnabout, a couple of the Baltimore Orioles will come to Glen Burnie for a dedication ceremony at 1 p.m. today at Sawmill Creek Park on Dorsey Road.

The Glen Burnie boys baseball and girls softball leagues will welcome two Orioles, whom league secretary Linda Blair won't identify because she says she wants it to be a surprise, at a ceremony lauding improvements to the park as a result of the "Field of Dreams" project.

For further information, call 410-761-8676.

Pub Date: 7/22/98

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