A barbecue sauce worthy of a toast


* Item: Maker's Mark Gourmet Sauce

* What you get: 15 ounces

* Cost: About $8

* Preparation time: A few minutes to four hours, depending on use

* Review: When I asked the butcher at Sutton Place Gourmet in the Festival at Woodholme what barbecue sauce he most often recommends, he immediately picked up a bottle of this bourbon-flavored sauce imported to Maryland from a seven-generation Kentucky distillery. Though it's a little pricey to slosh on with abandon, included recipes suggest stretching the sauce by adding everything from Italian salad dressing to apple jelly. We tried Maker's Mark on grilled boneless pork, marinated a large salmon steak in it and slathered it over some chicken. The sauce flavors without overpowering and makes grilling a delight.

Pub Date: 7/15/98

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