Gone with the collectibles


There are timeless intangibles from "Gone With the Wind" that no one can claim for his or her own: Rhett's lascivious glances, Scarlett's expressive eyebrow, Melanie's character and Ashley's lack thereof.

But don't worry your pretty little head, because there are plenty of collectibles connected to the 1939 film (re-released in theaters last week) that you can add to your personal stash.

You can find more than 1,500 of these items at "The Gone With the Wind Memorabilia Store" in Plant City, Fla. - 813-752-7700, www. gwtwmemories.com.

There are no handfuls of soil from Tara in stock, but the site and the store offer no lack of other offbeat memorabilia:

*A neon-lighted, hand-etched glass figure of Scarlett and Rhett embracing - Scarlett and Rhett literally glow with heat and passion in this, well, unique objet d'art. $899.

*"Remarkable Moments" Talking Frames - You'll never have to settle for your own second-rate impressions of favorite GWTW dialogue again. Press a button on these stills from favorite scenes, and the lines are replayed for you. $79.99.

*Scarlett Coasters - Set your brandy snifter or mint julep tea cup smack down on Scarlett in one of six scenes. $26.99 for a set of six.

*Dollar bills with busts of cast members - Pay for that striking new bonnet with money that replaces George Washington with "Gone With the Wind" characters. $4.99 each.

*Rubber stamps - Make your own mark with stamps of lead characters and famous phrases. $11.99 each.

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