Marijuana plants seized from plot along Hilltop Road


County police seized $35,000 worth of marijuana plants growing near woods in Arnold on Wednesday after officers flying over the area in a helicopter saw the plants.

Cpl. Larry Walker and Sgt. Michael Madison saw 78 plants growing in three sites of about 50 feet by 60 feet each along Hilltop Road near Deep Creek Avenue about 3: 30 p.m., police said. It was not immediately known who owns the land, they said.

Police did not make an arrest because they do not know who planted the marijuana, said Officer Carol Frye, department spokeswoman.

"It's not like a garden, where you have to tend to it," she said. "They plant it, let it grow and leave it until it's time to harvest."

Frye said the planting areas were surrounded by woods and tall brush.

"The brush was growing over the tops of their heads," Frye said. "There's no way you could get in there without someone knowing you'd gotten in there."

Pub Date: 7/03/98

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