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Battle of the Beasts

If this year's Winter Olympics in Nagano left you hungry for more sporting action, there's a new competition being played out in the jungles, deserts and forests across the planet. The Animal Olympics, presented by the Discovery Channel, feature the fastest runners, the highest jumpers and the strongest wrestlers. Pounce onto http://animal.discovery.com/ and discover the sheer athleticism possessed by such animals as the wind scorpion, the desert lynx and the estuarine crocodile. The site features great photos of all of the participants, as well as profiles and nicknames. The bird-eating spider, for example, is known as the "disembowler," and is famous for rushing at anything that moves. Once you meet the athletes and witness their performances, you'll have the chance to play the part of judge and award the gold. From sea to sky and jungle to desert, the Animal Olympics are carrying the competitive torch!


Get out your magnifying glass and a pointy Sherlock Holmes hat, because it's time to solve some mysteries. Of course, it doesn't take a trained detective to find this mysterious site. Just jot this down on your list of clues:http://www. thecase.com/kids. If you get a thrill from things that go bump in the night, you're sure to find something mysteriously fun about this site every week: new scary stories, mini-mysteries, magic tricks and writing contests. Just log on once and you'll have all the evidence you need. Are you on the case?

IndustrialStrength Science

For those who love to mix ideas with adventure, the Museum of Science and Industry brings its innovative exhibits to the Internet. This site is loaded with mind-bending technology, space-age travel and visions of the future. Ride an F-14 Tomcat out to http://www. msichicago.org/ and enjoy the museum's countless movies, sounds and interactive demos. You'll be able to take a coal mine trip, float in space and visit Antarctica. Don't forget to check exhibits ranging from the "Giant Heart" to the "Apollo 8 Command Module," or the toe-tapping "Sounds of Chicago." Plus, there's a journey to Mount Everest, a whale expedition and a deep-sea ride in the U505 Submarine. Don't forget to plan a visit to the real museum in Chicago! Prepare to explore the world of science as you never have before.

Be a 4KIds Detective

When you know the answers to these questions, go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

Which Olympic Night Warrior is also known as "The Sorcerer"?

If you write a mystery, how long should your case be?

What is the name of the coal mine at the museum?

Pub Date: 6/30/98

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