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They're bright. They're colorful. But are they good enough to drink? We put a cooler full of sports drinks and trendy juices to the test. After slurping down several summer refreshers, our Yak's Corner taste-testers gave several drinks a thumbs-up, but a couple of popular drinks didn't score any points with our panel.

After sampling several drinks, Joshua Phillip said he's found a new summer refresher: All Sport Body Quencher. Seven-year-old Josh says the fruit-punch flavored All Sport is "fruity and very good." Our team of testers agreed with him. All Sport scored the most points with our panel.

Snapple's new drink, Whipper Snapple, also scored high with three of our five testers. The Whipper Snapple Power Citrus Smoothie looks a lot like skim milk, but that didn't bother Zak Fishman. "This stuff is my favorite," the 12-year-old said. "It's really addictive. I could drink a whole bottle in two minutes."

Beth Lubeck, 10, agreed. "I love this," she said of the two flavors she tried.

But not all our testers liked it. Ten-year-old Danielle Katz thought the drink was too lemony. And Josh thought it was a little bit bland.

Eleven-year-old Chip Brady loved the Whipper Snapple too. But after trying a bottle of pink grape/watermelon Snapple, he said the regular beverages were not quite as good. Chip also liked the berry lemonade Fruitopia. "It's very good," he said.

None of our testers liked Powerade. Chip called the blue Mountain Blast Powerade "nasty," adding he would never tell friends to buy it.

The new Midnight Thunder from Gatorade also got a thumbs-down from everyone on our taste-testing team. Beth said "Midnight Thunder is gross. Even the color is gross!"

This week's Brainy-Yak question:

What is the capital of Florida?

a. Jacksonville

b. Tallahassee

c. Tampa

d. Pensacola

e. Miami


Pub Date: 6/29/98

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