It was father's intuitionA WEEK before that...


It was father's intuition

A WEEK before that onslaught of heavily made-up women in bathing suits -- otherwise known as the Miss Maryland Pageant -- hit Hagerstown last week, a Severna Park father left this message on a reporter's voice mail at The Sun.

"My daughter's going to win the Miss Maryland pageant this weekend, and I need to announce a party we're throwing in the Giant parking lot for Sunday."

Sure enough, Severna Park resident Heather Noelle Davis, 24, Park won.

A fix?

No, assures the father. He was just sure the judges would see what he sees.

ABOUT 100 people attended last Sunday's Inner Peace March -- not enough to circle the State House as organizers had hoped, but a fair turnout for the rally nonetheless.

It was the first such event sponsored by the nonprofit Annapolis Healing Arts Alliance, which asked participants to sign an

inner-peace treaty. The theme was that peace starts as a symbolic seed each individual can plant within himself or herself. But there really were seeds at the rally: Each participant was offered a sunflower seed.

Andrea Siegel

Take it from the top

SIX YOUNG people -- two male, four female -- stood on the Brooklyn Park Plaza parking lot in handcuffs, their heads down, flanked by two county police cruisers as officers pulled over cars at a sobriety checkpoint early last Sunday.

To top it off for these seeming unfortunates, a film crew was videotaping them.

"We have six subjects under arrest for possession of alcohol and narcotics," K-9 Officer Ron Breeden intoned into his portable radio mike.

"Could you do that again?" he was asked.

"We have six subjects under arrest for possession of alcohol and narcotics," Breeden repeated over the radio. He paused and offered it up again, "We have six subjects. "

An Arundel-based episode of "Cops"?

Officer Carol Fry, a county police spokeswoman, explained: They were producing a public service video spot for airing by Arundel cable TV systems.

And the six downcast "subjects" in handcuffs? Actors from North Carolina.

Pub Date: 6/28/98

David Michael Ettlin

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