Matching the miller


Fly fisherman working the upper Potomac River from Harpers Ferry to Point of Rocks in July and August happily encounter the white miller hatch around dusk. Ken Moser, programs and activities director for the Free State Fly Fishers, suggests the white miller dry fly pattern for those evenings when the smallmouth are feeding heavily on the surface.

Moser's instructions for tying the fly are as follows:

Thread: 6/0 white.

Hook: #10 or #12 dry fly hook

Tail: Stiff, white hackle fibers, split and divided. Micro fibbets will work.

Ribbing: Fine silver tinsel.

Body: Larva Lace white foam strip.

Wing: White calf body hair, hackled with white feathers.

How to tie: Tie in white hackle fibers and divide in two and splay to both sides. At one-third shank length from eye, tie in clump of calf body hair that has been cleaned of underfur, tips evened and measured the length of the hook shank. Set hair upright, divide and post wing. Wrap thread to rear of hook. Tie in silver tinsel. Tie in foam and wind forward two-thirds length of hook shank. Form a taper with foam by adjusting tension as you wrap forward. Palmer tinsel forward over foam while maintaining tapered body and tie off. Tie in one or two white hackle fibers and heavily hackle fly. Tie off and whip finish the head.

Pub Date: 6/28/98

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