"Everyone would enjoy 'Junie B. Jones and...


"Everyone would enjoy 'Junie B. Jones and the Meanie Jim's Birthday' by Barbara Park. This story is about a kindergarten girl named Junie B. who is mad because a boy named Jim is having a birthday party and is inviting everybody except her. Junie B. is so mad that she nails her door shut with the tool set she got Jim for his birthday. This is my favorite book because Junie B. does funny things and says funny words."

-- Brittany Ealy, Grade 3

Marley Elementary

" 'Cinderella' is one of my favorite books to read! My favorite part is when the mice are trying to get Cinderella out of her bedroom so she could try on the slipper. I think the illustrations are wonderful."

-- Samantha Langell, Grade 3

Jacksonville Elementary

"I think 'Attack of the Beastly Baby-Sitter' by R.L. Stine is a cool story

because rats fall in your mouth. So if you get this book, turn to page 67 and you will see a rat maze. You have to find the right way. They try to climb up the wall."

-- Leroy Bussey, Grade 4

Elmwood Elementary

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Pub Date: 6/28/98

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