Gridiron lights on at Ravens' stadium


The first game at the Ravens' stadium at Camden Yards is months away, but the lights are on.

The 612 field lights, suspended nearly 200 feet in the air from light towers, are burning 24 hours a day as workers prepare to calibrate them. Each of the 1,500-watt bulbs has to burn for at least 100 hours before workers can aim and calibrate the beams to network television specifications.

"It's called the burn-in period," said Maryland Stadium Authority project manager Alice Hoffman.

This week, workers will begin aiming the bulbs and testing their brightness -- a process that might take a week to complete. Properly aimed lights provide uniform lighting without shadows.

The $220 million stadium, being built adjacent to Oriole Park, is scheduled for its first event, a Ravens preseason game against the Chicago Bears, on Aug. 8.

Pub Date: 6/24/98

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