Youth sentenced to four years for jail assaults


A 17-year-old Hampstead youth involved in four assaults at the county jail has been sentenced to four years in prison for those crimes.

Douglas K. Baker Jr. received consecutive terms in District Court last week -- two years for assaulting a correctional officer, one year and one day for assaulting another deputy and one year and one day for assaulting an inmate.

Baker was serving an 18-month sentence imposed in August for a three-day crime spree that involved burglaries and unauthorized use of motor vehicles.

Prosecutors said Baker threw urine on a deputy Sept. 12; destroyed tiles and slats from a bunk Oct. 21; obstructed a deputy from performing his duty Oct. 23; and broke a deputy's glasses by striking him in the face Dec. 29.

In addition, Baker punched an inmate in the eye and a deputy in the face Feb. 27, prosecutors said. The inmate received six stiches.

Baker was 16 when he was arrested after a February 1997 crime spree. His case was moved from juvenile to adult court. The charges involved 17 incidents and 87 counts -- primarily unauthorized use of motor vehicles, burglary, auto theft and theft.

Pub Date: 6/23/98

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