Two graduates to be honored for their youth ministry Sunday


JUNE IS a month for honors.

Leanne Kearns and Jay Newman will receive Youth Ministry Awards at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church's services at noon Sunday. Services will be held at Wilde Lake Interfaith Center.

Tony Tamberino, St. John's Youth and Young Adult Ministry Associate, notes that the annual award to high school graduates recognizes their faith, gentle spirit and loyal service to the St. John's community.

Leanne also received the Eagle of the Cross medal from the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry for outstanding leadership and moral example to her peers and the youth ministry community.

Earlier this month, Cardinal William H. Keeler presented her with the award certificate in a ceremony in Baltimore.

The youth group will hold its annual picnic honoring its graduates after the liturgy.

On Sunday at St. John's, Sue Esserwein was guest of honor at a reception held after morning services.

Esserwein has served as Liturgy Committee chair, and directed her group of musicians at 9 a.m. and 6: 30 p.m. Sunday Masses.

After more than 18 years at St. John's, Esserwein is moving to Arizona to assume a music ministry position there.

Growing up, moving on

Principal Bill Payne presented awards at Stevens Forest Elementary School's Fifth Grade Celebration Day, the culminating activity celebrating five years at elementary school.

Receiving Presidential Awards for educational excellence were James Buonato, Valerie Freund, Garrison Hersey, Ashley Johnston, Peter Linton, Amanda Mezei, Michael Nathan, Nicole Nolan, William Rademacher, Marc Schulman, Alexandra Sher, John Stanley, Joshua Tippetts, Paige Walter and Renee Goodman.

The President's Award for Educational Improvement was given to Timothy Murphy, Cynthia Pope, Grant Haywood, Merry Avant-Pybas, Jessica Granek, Emily Kay, Kristina Zanker, Skyler Slafsky, Timothy Ball, Christina Conran, Shannon Cummins, David Ostrander, Rieka Plugge, Tyler Selby, Sara Smith, Jaeda Cramer, Trevor Hawkes, Tiffany Pierson, Crystal Starace and Jessica Villamor.

Poet wins

Given these four lines, what would you add to complete the poem?

"They told me never to open the box./ They tied it with ropes and they locked it with locks./ But I found the scissors and I found the keys./ And I'm down in the basement and down on my knees."

Hammond High School freshman Carrie Reichert read these lines and created a poem that won 1st prize -- $50 and a plaque -- in Borders Books and Music's poetry contest.

The competition was open to students in grades six to nine.

Here is the poem she added to the four lines, which were written by author Judith Viorst:

"And with the scissors I cut the rope,/ In the locks I turn the keys and start to hope./ My heart is rac- ing and my palms are damp,/ I pick up the box and turn on the lamp./ The heavy lid is covered with dust,/ And the dirty metal is covered with rust./ I take off the lid with considerable care,/ A fragrance of mildew floats into the air./ Its contents are wrapped in an old linen cloth,/ Yellowed with age, it has holes from a moth./ I notice a picture that before I didn't see,/ It is of a girl who looks exactly like me./ I try to figure out who the girl is in awe,/ Then I realize that it is my grandma./ Under the cloth I discover a book,/ Sixty years old I decide by the look./ "A Diary" it reads on the very first page,/ A book that my grandma wrote when she was my age./ The pages are covered with things that she thought,/ Covered with things that have long been forgot./ I am mesmerized by the events in her life,/ From all the good times to all of her strife./ As I read her dreams I become teary -- / I wish that I could have met her before she died./ I don't want to give up my new finding./ So I carry it up to my room by the binding./ For something to put in its place I look,/ Back in the basement I wrap up my scrapbook./ I place it in the old musty box,/ And I tie it with ropes and then I lock it with locks./ In the future I hope it will find somebody,/ And touch them the way my grandma's book touched me."

Carrie's English teacher Hope Vasholz encouraged her Gifted and Talented students to enter the competition, which was sponsored by Border's in April -- "National Poetry Month."

Carrie, her parents and brother were present at Borders when she received her prizes from Border's community relations coordinator, Daniel Fromme.

Summer with the library

A reminder to parents of students who have entered the Howard County Library's summer reading program, titled, "Reading Takes You Everywhere."

For children who are in the "Book A Trip Travel Log" program, the library will display postcards sent during their travels. Sign up at any library.

"Away We Go" pre-readers can record books they've listened to on a fold-over form. The number of books is celebrated by a picture -- a house, boat, train, car or plane -- for the child to color.

Young people age 11 and older can read and report on interesting Web sites during their "Reading Road Trip" as possible links for the library's TeenScene Web site -- http: // Web site suggestions will be accepted until July 11. The game can be played all summer.

The library will provide forms to be given to teachers in September as a record of summer reading accomplishments.

Prizes, to be awarded at the completion of each child's program, will be provided by the library. Incentive prizes have been donated by Adventure World, Babbage's, Comics to Asteroids and Princeton Sports.

Preparing for fall

Newly elected Oakland Mills Middle School's PTA President Beth Bunce has announced her slate of officers for the 1998-1999 school year.

They are: Damon Foreman, first vice president; Elaine Whalen, second vice president; Regina Clark, treasurer; Karen Levay, recording secretary; Vicki Dean, corresponding secretary; and Mary Alice Dimock, PTA council delegate.

Synagogue officers elected

Rabbi Steven Pik-Nathan has announced the election of the Columbia Jewish Congregation's 1998-1999 officers.

Joel Barry Brown is president; Neil Fagan, vice president; John Evans, treasurer; and Edith Cord secretary.

Elected members of the board of directors Arlene Bennett, Pearl Laufer, Jan Nyquist, Steve Rothman and Wendy Cohen-Sigler.

Pub Date: 6/23/98

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