Yet another place to put advertising


Just when you thought there was no place left to plaster advertising, someone has come up with one: grocery checkout dividers.

The dividers are those black or gray rubber tubes you put between your lettuce and corn flakes and those of the next person in line at the supermarket.

A California company, Alpine Promotions, has come up with the idea of using them to advertise not only in-store products like Wrigley's gum, but also things like new films and theme parks.

"All we've done is turn these unsightly rubber sticks into something attractive to both shoppers and advertisers," says Glenn Hogle of Alpine.

Over the past year, the Alpine "AdStick" has spread from four stores in San Luis Obispo, Calif., to hundreds of supermarkets. A Safeway spokesman calls the program "really inventive and something we're looking at for all our stores."

Revenues are expected to reach $2.5 million this year, says the 2-year-old company.

The AdStick concept was devised by San Luis Obispo dentist Steven Norby, now CEO of Alpine.

Pub Date: 6/22/98

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