"My favorite story is the 'Titanic' by...


"My favorite story is the 'Titanic' by Robert D. Ballard. The setting of the 'Titanic' is in the Titanic ship. They took real pictures and dazzling pictures from that time. The discoverer of the Titanic is also the author, Robert D. Ballard. A lot of people survived. The Titanic went more than twelve thousand feet below the sea. They took portions of the things that happened at that time. Those are reasons I chose the 'Titanic' as my favorite story."

-- Chidi Agha, Grade 3

Church Lane Elementary

" 'Scruffy,' by Peggy Parrish, is about a boy who wants a cat for his birthday. I think kids will like this book because he went to get the cat from the animal shelter. I like this book because Todd chose an older kitten instead of a baby kitten. They both need each other and Todd made a promise to love and take care of Scruffy. If you want to get a pet, choose it from the animal shelter because they need you."

-- George Zea, Grade 2

Villa Cresta Elementary

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Pub Date: 6/21/98

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