Nasdaq investment to benefit Baltimore PAL youth centers Association donates 50 personal computers


The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq) made an investment in the futures of Baltimore's youth yesterday by donating leftover computer equipment to the Baltimore Police Athletic League.

Fifty personal computers, retired when the stock market

updated its operations in greater Washington, were delivered yesterday for distribution to youth centers used by the PAL. The PAL has a 3-year-old program designed to reduce juvenile crime by allowing young people to work with police officers in recreational and educational activities.

The 486/33 computers -- each with 8 megabytes of memory and Windows 3.1 -- arrived yesterday at the Baltimore police administration building, where Nasdaq and police officials held a news conference.

Nasdaq President Alfred R. Berkeley, 54, who was in Washington and unable to attend the unloading of the computers, is a 24-year Baltimore resident. He said he heard about the PAL program after a friend took him to a party where he met Police Commissioner Thomas C. Frazier.

"I think Baltimore, like so many urban areas, is struggling with serious problems," Berkeley said. "I think [PAL] has enough scale to make a difference."

Baltimore has 27 PAL centers, and each has four computers. Frazier said the Nasdaq computers might be divided among the centers, or a network might be set up in a computer lab at Walbrook High School.

"If nothing else is getting used in the entire center," he said, "the computer lab is full."

Frazier said the computers would help steer the PAL centers' focus toward education and career development. He said the computers "may have a game or two," but they are loaded with educational programs, such as an interactive human anatomy map a young boy demonstrated to Frazier in one of the centers.

"He said, 'Hey commissioner, want to take a cruise down into your liver?' "

Pub Date: 6/19/98

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