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How many flowers is 1 daisy:


B-Excuse me?



E-Daisies are not really flowers.

Answer: Daisies are a kind of chrysanthemum and havcombination blossoms - hundreds of eensy-beensy flowers crammed together as one big flower. Each tiny flower makes 1 seed.

How does...

...a kite fly?

- Ing Hian


of Singapore

A painful beauty about kites is that without the string, thecouldn't fly. Kites fly because air pressure on your side of the kite is higher than on the back side. If you let go of the string, the kit twists sideways and the air pressures equalize, making the kite fall.

How do...

...headaches happen?

- Casey Pollard

Parlin, New Jersey

Headaches feel huge and enormous, like they're filling ouheads. But all the discomfort of the worst headache happens in the skinny, thin space between the outside of your skull bones and your skin. There are no pain nerves inside your brain.

My Cat

...has a nose that's always wet. How come?

- Alice McLeod


South Carolina

The wet is sweat! Humans have sweat glands all over oubodies. But cats have them in only two places - on the pads of their feet and on their noses. Cats (and humans) sweat to release extra heat. It helps us regulate our body temperatures.

Pub Date: 6/19/98

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