Police Department to promote eleven men and two women 2 lieutenants, 3 sergeants and 8 officers to advance


Thirteen promotions will take effect in the Baltimore City Police Department today as two lieutenants, three sergeants and eight police officers are slated to rise in rank. The promotions include six blacks, seven whites, 11 men and two women.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Thomas C. Frazier will oversee a promotion ceremony at 10: 30 a.m. in the fifth-floor auditorium of police headquarters.

Lt. Robert F. Biemiller will be promoted to major and continue working in criminal intelligence. Lt. Ronald S. Savage will be a major in the Internal Investigation Division.

The effect of Savage's promotion will ripple through the command ranks. He will move to the unit from which Maj. Carl Brown will leave and become the Northwestern District commander.

Brown will replace Maj. Erol Dutton, who will move to the Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Division, from which Maj. Kenneth Blackwell will leave to become the Western District commander. Blackwell will replace Maj. Barry Powell, who is moving into a vacancy in the criminal investigation bureau.

Sgts. Linda V. Rodriquez, Richard L. James and Wesley M. Ormrod Jr. will be promoted to lieutenant. Officers Bruce W. Ridley, John J. Paradise, Abdul-Malik Lundy, April C. Fullwood-Jackson, David A. Engel, Stanley B. Noland, Kerry D. Daniel and Robert W. Rodgers will be promoted to sergeant.

Twelve civilians will be promoted: Mark St. Clair Profili to criminalist supervisor; Bernadette H. Height, Blair F. Laughlin and Carol K. Stewart to criminalist II; Lynnett P. Redhead and Barry S. Verger to criminalist I; Stephanie M. Peterson to crime laboratory technician II; Edith G. Puch to police human resource associate; Lizette D. Vance, to typist III; Yvonne A. Murphy, to office assistant III; and Debbie K. Crockett and Deborah Hinton, both to typist II.

Pub Date: 6/18/98

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