Asymmetrical edge calls for long, lightweight coat


I am an aspiring actress, and I like to dress in an edgy way. I want my clothes to bring me attention, whether I'm doing an audition or just walking down the street.

I recently bought my party dress of the season. It has an asymmetrical hemline that shows my legs to great advantage.

But now I have a problem: What do I wear over it?

I've tried everything from jackets to shawls, but they destroy the mood of the dress. The jackets are too heavy and the shawls look too old. The dress is just too bare to go out by itself. Any suggestions?

A lightweight coat is the answer. Look for one in a synthetic jersey, in linen or even lightweight wool.

At Les Copains, Mario Bandiera warns that the coat must be slightly longer than the longest part of the dress, or "the long point of the hemline can look strange just hanging there, like an afterthought."

"Long lengths are sweeping back into fashion, so there is a wide choice of coats available. If you choose one in black or a deep neutral you'll find plenty of use for it for seasons to come," he says.

My optometrist daughter constantly nags me about wearing sunglasses to protect my eyes.

I don't like dark glasses because they drastically change the color of everything, and I only need them on the brightest of days. I am, however, about to give in to my daughter. But before I do, please tell me what shape to consider for an oval face.

Also, what's new for summer?

An oval face is ideally proportioned. You don't have to look for a specific shape to compensate. Anything you like will look good. As for what's new, I went to optician Robert Marc, who owns boutiques in Manhattan that specialize in sunglasses.

"The new frame shapes are elongated ovals and slim rectangles. Both look best on an oval face," he says.

"As for color, try the new 'color on color' frames."

Today will be the last installment of Elsa Klensch's Style. She has decided to discontinue writing the column.

Pub Date: 6/18/98

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