Patuxent test goes to 3 feet


BROOMES ISLAND -- Rough weather and a burst of algae growth dampened visibility, but not spirits, at the 11th annual "sneaker test" of water quality in the Patuxent River.

Former Democratic state Sen. Bernie Fowler checked the river's clarity by wading in, hand in hand with dignitaries and squealing schoolchildren. Fowler lost sight of his toes and stopped at 35 1/2 inches deep -- not as good as last year's 44 1/2 inches, but better than average for the unscientific test.

Rain and warm weather have fueled an algae bloom, marine scientists said. Saturday's thunderstorms also roiled the waters. Still, Fowler told about 100 onlookers in this Calvert County community that the river is improving.

"We're going to get it back," he said.

Pub Date: 6/15/98

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