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Chuckie's bestest interview

The Yak had a chance to interview some of the Rugrats you know so well, including Chuckie, who is a big part of the Rugrats touring show. Remember, some of these words are just how the Rugrats talk, so they don't look exactly like they are in the dictionary.

Chuckie, what's it like being on stage? Do you have to practice a lot?

Well, I had to practice my singin' a little bit 'cause we sing some songs. Then when I finded out there was gonna be peoples watchin' us, I had to practice not hidin' under my bed.

Chuckie, you get a little scared sometimes but then do brave things. What makes you get brave?

Well, lotsa times it's 'cause Tommy's in trouble, and he's my bestest friend so I gotta save him. Other times it's just 'cause doin' nothin' is even scarier.

If other kids like you get a little scared at the playground, what's your advice?

Don't hide your head under the sand. It gets in your mouth.

What's the strangest adventure you ever had?

It was probably that time that other Chuckie with the wings came and showed me what the world would be like if I runned away, and Phil and Lil were naughty, and Tommy was all dirty, and Angelica was a big fat blob I oh wait, that was a dream.

Will you ever find a new mom?

I dunno where we found the old one.

How do you and your dad get along without your mom?

My mommy is always there with us, like she wrote me in her poem. In the flowers, and in the clouds, and in the grass and wind I every place.

When you grow up, what do you want to do?

I wanna be a daddy, jus' like my daddy.#

This week's Brainy-Yak question:

Who created baseball?

a. Babe Ruth

b. Albert Einstein

c. Tommy Lasorda

d. Mickey Mantle

e. Abner Doubleday

ANSWER: Abner Doubleday

Pub Date: 6/15/98

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