The comforts of tea time


Far more than just a beverage, tea is both a pleasant way to celebrate a few moments' solitude and a gracious form of hospitality extended to business associates, friends and family.

A Proper Pot of Tea

Start with a good-quality blend of loose tea leaves, which generally are of superior quality to tea packed in bags. Not only does the hot water circulate more effectively through loose leaves, improving flavor extraction, but loose tea is nearly always a better value for the money.

Fill a china or glazed pottery teapot with boiling water and let stand.

Fill a teakettle with cold water (6 ounces per cup of tea desired) and heat to a full, rolling boil.

Drain hot water from teapot.

For each 6-ounce cup, add 1 teaspoon tea leaves to teapot; add appropriate amount of boiling water from the teakettle.

Cover and let steep 3 to 6 minutes for black tea, 8 to 12 minutes for most herbal teas.

Stir once and strain into warm teacups.

Serve with lemon, sugar and cream or milk.

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Pub Date: 6/14/98

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