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Does reading jargon have your head buzzing? Here is a glossary of the current "buzz" words in reading:

* Basal readers: Books of gradually increasing difficulty based on increasingly complex phonic rules, such as the famous Dick and Jane series.

* Whole language: A philosophy of teaching reading using children's literature instead of basal readers, with an attempt to integrate reading, language and writing.

* Phonics: The traditional means of teaching reading by sounding out unfamiliar words.

* Look-say: A means of teaching reading without phonics, whereby students are taught to recognize entire words at one glance.

* Resource center: The school library, especially if it's equipped zTC with computers and audiovisual equipment.

* Resource teacher: Not the librarian, but a specially trained teacher who assists students with learning problems. Usually these are special education teachers.

* Chapter One (or Title One) reading teacher: A federally funded teacher who assists classroom teachers on reading strategies and interventions.

-- From "Raising a Reader," by Paul Kropp

Pub Date: 6/14/98

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