Wrong men for the jobLast year, the...


Wrong men for the job

Last year, the Orioles had an owner who knew about asbestos but not about running a baseball organization. Fortunately, he had the winningest manager in baseball and an outstanding pitching coach. This year, we have an owner messing with tobacco who still doesn't know anything about running a baseball organization. Unfortunately, we have a manager who is a great pitching coach, a pitching coach who is a good TV color man and a team that can't beat an expansion team. Where, oh where, are you, Davey Johnson?

John C. Clarke

Abingdon I read with amazement the quote attributed to Peter Angelos in The Sun following the Orioles' four losses to the Devil Rays last month. He said that Davey Johnson bore only superficial responsibility for the Orioles going to the playoffs during the previous two seasons. I dug out my Webster's to see if the definition of superficial suddenly changed from "lack of significance" to "of paramount importance." But, the dictionary indicated that my memory was correct. Perhaps Angelos is in such shock from the horror of getting rid of the best manager in baseball and the best closer in baseball that he is confused about what he is saying.

One person who is not confused is my 4 1/2 -year-old son. After leaving a recent home game, my family boarded the express MTA bus to Owings Mills. My son said, "Mommy, I'm sick of those Orioles losing all the time. I'm moving to Cleveland and I'm going to root for the Indians."

Now, there's clear thinking!

Toni Greenberg


Hoiles isn't the answer

Orioles management strongly believed that the team would contend in 1998 by adding a solid starting pitcher and an explosive hitter. How could they have overlooked the one position that has been such an obvious weakness for the past several years -- catcher? Chris Hoiles, although admittedly a likable sort, is an embarrassment as a major-league backstop.

Consider the following: 1. Lollipop throws to second base on steal attempts; 2. Slowest runner in the league; 3. Horrible clutch hitter; 4. Non-existent home run power.

Hoiles is now piqued about his reduction in playing time. Consistent with the attitude of the other spoiled, overpaid athletes, he has the gall to question why he's not catching more often. Doesn't that take the cake? He should consider himself lucky to still be in the major leagues.

Morty Marcus


F. That's what Pat Gillick and Kevin Malone get when grading their Orioles report card. Given $69 million to put a stellar team together, they have failed miserably. They didn't sign Randy Myers and instead opted for Norm Charlton -- F. They didn't protect Esteban Yan, Aaron Ledesma and Dave Dellucci and got nothing in returnfor them -- F.

They could have acquired Al Leiter and instead signed Doug Drabek -- F. They could have acquired Rod Beck, Hideo Nomo and Randy Johnson and didn't -- F. Instead, the Orioles have a bullpen that's erratic, a minor-league starting rotation and inconsistent offense and no one to trade for better pitching. Send Gillick and Malone to Triple-A.

David Pinder


Cleveland wins, we lose

With the NFL's recent announcement of an expansion team in Cleveland, Baltimore is the permanent loser. Fans in Ohio will soon be able to cheer on the Cleveland Browns again. But the people of Baltimore will never have that opportunity with the Colts. The Ravens will forever be salt in the wound reminding all Marylanders that Baltimore got the short end of the stick.

Todd Baldau Germantown Enough PSL whining

Let's stop the belly-aching about permanent seat licenses. You knew going into the situation what you were doing. For all of those people who say they didn't know about the PSL plan: You can't read. To the individuals who talk trash about PSLs: Don't buy them. That way you can put your energy toward something else.

Finally, to all those trash talkers about the Ravens: When this team comes together, I don't wish to see the same belly-achers in the stadium with me. But I know I will.

P. Tinsley


Woods is no Jordan

This is in regard to the recent article by Don Markus about the Kemper Open and Tiger Woods.

Please -- no comparison of Woods to Michael Jordan. Jordan did not achieve his remarkable position with one terrific game, much less only four.

If Woods had such a severe back condition, why did he wait three days to go for treatment?

Woods needs to grow up, accept his losses and the aches and pains of the game like the other golfers -- Fred Couples, Davis Love and Ernie Els.

Let us have more commendation for the golfers who are out there every week, win or lose. The media share some of the success or failure of sports events and players by their often biased opinions.

Woods might give thought to forsaking his Big Mac and chocolate shake for a healthful diet. He might not get so tired.

A. Gates

Ellicott City

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