Well, your honor, I suppose if you...


Well, your honor, I suppose if you put it that way...

IN DISTRICT COURT in Annapolis, a judge's wry comments as he scanned a case file last week put smiles on a few faces.

Prosecutor: "The officer is not present." He explains that the officer is on medical leave. "We would ask for a postponement."

Defense attorney: "Your honor, the defense is ready." He explains about preparation for a hearing. "This is a very old


Judge: "The defense has failed to appear " -- he pauses to read the file -- "twice. That tends to make a case very old."

Postponement granted.

THE DEFENSE Information School, a military journalism school at Fort Meade, had its ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday.

I wanted to make sure I could hear and see the speakers, so I asked an usher whether seats had been reserved for the media.

"No, no media," the woman answered, with a sideways chop a la the Soup Nazi. "No media coverage."

An example of a free press, military-style?

TaNoah Morgan

You can dress them up, but you can't make 'em fight

SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Carol S. Parham and school board members usually don't bother attending routine County Council work sessions in Annapolis. Thursday was an exception.

Parham, dressed to the nines, and board members Thomas E. Florestano and Paul Rudolph arrived at the morning session in the Arundel Center prepared for the worst. Reporters who don't normally cover the work meetings also turned out, looking for fireworks.

Turns out, things couldn't have been more pleasant. It was tame. Polite, even.

Who would have expected it, given that the topic of the workshop was money?

That has become a touchy issue between the county and the school board, what with a $13 million fourth-quarter transfer the board needs to balance its budget, and recent uproar over $8.5 million in school money the council has socked away to make sure the board spends it the way it was directed.

Kris Antonelli

Pub Date: 6/14/98

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