Residents on alert after 4th attack by serial rapist on N. Calhoun St.


A suspected serial rapist who has used the same vacant West Baltimore rowhouse to attack women abducted his fourth victim early yesterday, but police said she escaped before being sexually assaulted.

Police are saturating the Sandtown-Winchester community with patrols and fliers with a sketch of a man linked to three rapes since May 13 inside 1344 N. Calhoun St., next to the New St. Paul Holy Church.

"We have put out about a thousand fliers" with a composite drawing, said Detective Donald Catterton of the sexual assault unit. "We've interviewed countless people, including women who have seen him but were not taken in. We're told we have a good drawing, but no suspects have been developed."

Women who live in the 1300 block of N. Calhoun St. said they are taking extra precautions, such as walking in pairs, staying indoors after dark and keeping a close watch on their children.

John Moore, 28, who lives across from where the attacks occurred, said he heard the victim scream yesterday and saw a man who fits the description limp through a park several hours later. He called police, but the man was gone when they arrived.

"We just don't understand how the police can't catch him when he uses the same place every time," said Moore.

A 14-year-old girl walking past the vacant house, who didn't want to be identified, said "the person in the picture looks real familiar. We're all real scared."

Police said the suspect, who uses the name "Kevin," is a black male between 30 and 40 years old and is about 5 feet 8 inches tall. He has short hair, a pointy chin and a wide forehead and walks with a limp.

The woman who was attacked about midnight yesterday told police her assailant was wearing a short-sleeve blue polo shirt and blue jean shorts. Police said the man has also worn a blue blazer, a brown and white plaid shirt and gray sweat pants and usually carried a black backpack.

The first reported attack, committed by a man armed with a silver and black revolver, occurred May 13. During a May 30 attack, a man used a stun gun and a knife. On June 8, a woman was threatened with a cinder block and held overnight; yesterday's victim was hit with a brick.

"Some victims said they had no conversation with the guy," Catterton said. "They were just grabbed and dragged. Others said they walked and talked with him and when they got near the house, they were dragged inside."

In yesterday's attack about midnight, police said the 26-year-old victim was grabbed from behind near the rowhouse and dragged in through an open door.

"The suspect bit the victim's ear," said Agent Angelique Cook-Hayes, a police spokeswoman. "He punched her in the head and then he displayed some type of brick. The victim was able to fight the suspect off and contact police."

Catterton said he asked the city's housing department to board up the back door Wednesday, but no work had been done as of BTC yesterday afternoon.

Zack Germroth, a housing department spokesman, said the boards will be pounded in today.

He said the row of houses is to be torn down within a year.

Pub Date: 6/12/98

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