Jobs in couture houses have paid off Consistency: In her shopping sprees, Alex Schmidt likes to stick with one designer so things mix and match.


Alex Schmidt has had a crazy month or two. Scarcely back from her honeymoon in Nevis and St. Barts, she'll be dancing the night away tomorrow at the Blue Moon Ball to benefit the League: Serving People with Disabilities. As a member of the Friends of the League, Schmidt has put a lot of hard work into the event, and it's a safe bet that the account executive for the Jewish Times and Style magazine will be putting just as much hard work into her big-band swing moves. That Schmidt, a veteran of both Chanel and Armani PR departments, will be making those moves in haute designer style, is a given. (The Blue Moon Ball, featuring music by the Persuaders, takes place from 8 p.m. until midnight tomorrow at the Evergreen House on North Charles Street. Tickets are $60 in advance. Call 410-323-0500.)

Where did you find your wedding dress?

I got it up in New York at the third place I went to. I bought it at a trunk show at Michelle's Bridal. The designer, from the House of Adami, was actually there. The dress is all one material, with no beading or lace. It's a very simple, raw silk dress with a full skirt, very tight at the top and sleeveless. It is really casual.

Did you have attendants?

I had eight bridesmaids. They wore dresses from Vera Wang. Their dresses were short, a silvery-purple color and the straps were made of pearls. They were really neat, but a couple of them broke, even though they promised me they wouldn't.

How did you acquire your sophisticated eye?

When I graduated from college, I moved to New York City and worked for Chanel and Armani. I did public relations. I learned a lot in New York. I just sort of gained a taste for what it was like. It's a matter of knowing what to wear at the appropriate time.

Where do you shop?

I go to D.C. and shop at Neiman Marcus a lot, and I also like to go to the boutiques in Soho.

Your wardrobe sounds like it runs from conservative to edgy.

I definitely have a wide variety of clothes in my closet. I like designer clothes, which are obviously very expensive. I'd rather have a few really nice clothes than tons of outfits that aren't as DTC nice. I like to stick with the same designer. That way things mix and match.

How do you explain your spectrum of taste?

I am well-rounded in everything I do; the friends I have and the activities I like to do. In my clothes I am well-rounded as well. I can wear anything from sweat suits to Chanel suits.

Who is one of your favorite designers?

For this summer, I bought a lot of Moschino clothing. A lot of his stuff is very colorful and more funky.

How do you shop?

I go on two big shopping sprees a year. I buy all of my fall clothes in September, and in May I buy all of my summer clothes.

Describe one of your more cutting edge purchases.

I have a pair of psychedelic pants I got at After Midnight in Fells Point. They're pretty wild, and the heels I wear with them are about five inches.

How would you dress up a casual outfit?

I always have a cashmere sweater to jazz up jeans.

What will you be wearing this summer?

My husband, Ron Shek, is on the World Lacrosse team so I will be doing a lot of lacrosse watching. Now that I'm a wife, I'll have to look cute. I'll wear a little miniskirt and T-shirt to the games.

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Pub Date: 6/11/98

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