"I think 'Bunnicula' by Dorothy Howe is...


"I think 'Bunnicula' by Dorothy Howe is a great book. I like vampires and that is why. If you like vampires you should read this book. This book is about a dog, a cat and they are trying to see if the bunny is a vampire or not. These are more reasons to read this book. It is a funny book because Bunnicula drank all the tomato juice. I like this book because I like to solve mysteries."

Shannon Kennedy, Grade 4

Elmwood Elementary

" 'Flubber' is about a Professor Brainard and his discovery of Flubber on his way to get married to Sara. He left her at the altar twice before. He stopped off at the lab. By the time he left he had discovered Flubber. He could sell it and pay off his Medfield College loan. But first he had to get back to Sara."

Felice Domneys, Grade 2

Linthicum Elementary

Pub Date: 6/10/98

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