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The Laptop of Luxury

Kensington has answered the call of road warriors everywhere with the Sky Runner, a roomy, lightweight computer case, available in vinyl and a snazzy leather version. The Sky Runner has oodles of pockets for all of your computer gear (laptop, Zip drive, modem, cables, etc.), plus a cell phone pocket, pen and business card holders, a key clip and a padded leather grip on the handle. The case has 1,168 cubic inches of storage and weighs 2.4 pounds (3.5 pounds for the leather version).

Your laptop top-loads into a padded middle compartment with space on either side for extra batteries, file folders, and magazines. Two outer pockets are designed for a Zip drive, external floppy, modem, PDA, or similar hardware. The "organizer" pocket has room for a cell phone, a zippered folder for tickets, passport, corporate trade secrets or whatever else you don't want to lose track of.

Once you fill the Sky Runner, it's outrageously heavy, but the load is well-balanced and the removable shoulder strap is sturdy and comfortable. The quality of the components and construction seem top-flight and likely to last long after your laptop has become chip jewelry. The Sky Runner is $79 in vinyl and $99 in leather.

Information: 800-535-4242 or browse on over to One of the biggest threats to the health and happiness of your computer data is bad power: line noise, surges in electrical motors, spikes caused by lightning, and brownouts. Bad power can result in seized ' up keyboards, systems crashes, shortened hardware life, or worse. The other power problem that can spoil your day is no power at all - a blackout.

APC's Back-UPS Office ($139) is a well-designed, reasonably-priced solution to these problems. This combination uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and surge suppressor comes with six protected power outlets and a protected phone outlet for your modem or 10 Base-T Local Area Network cable. Three of the outlets have battery back-up to keep your CPU, monitor, and one other data-critical device (such as a Zip drive) running long enough for you to back up and power down. The battery provides from 7 to 13 minutes of juice (depending on your hardware) and will last for three to six years under normal use. It also comes with a $25,000 Lifetime Equipment Protection policy. jTC If properly connected equipment is damaged by a surge, APC will replace the unit and up to $25,000 of the damaged equipment connected to it.

Information: call 800-788-2208 surf to

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