"My favorite book is 'The Valiant Red...


"My favorite book is 'The Valiant Red Rooster.' The author is Eric A. Kimmel. The story is about a rooster whose owner was a kind old lady. They were very poor and had no food. He found a diamond necklace and the sultan wanted it. The sultan took it. The rooster tried many tricks to get it back. The rooster teased him and bothered him until he gave it back. I think this book is really funny.

- Eric Stoll, Grade 3

Pine Grove Elementary

" 'The Cry of the Cat' is a non-stop reading book. The author, R.L. Stine, writes scary books. It is one of those 'come from the dead' books. I like this book because it is scary. I would recommend this book to a reader who likes scary books and non-illustrated books."

- Langston Wimberly, Grade 3

Church Lane Elementary

" 'Taffy Finds a Halloween Witch,' by Donna Lugg Pape is about Taffy, an orange cat that wanted to be black. He searched for a witch to change him. On Halloween, a witch took Taffy home for a pet. The witch turned out to be a little boy. Taffy was happy that he had someone to love him just the way he was. I thought it was funny how Taffy wanted to be a black cat and how he thought everything he touched was magic."

- Taylor Clough, Grade 1

Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke's School

Pub Date: 6/07/98

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