Building crews at Ravens stadium rescue two kittens trapped in wall


Workers pounded a hole in an interior wall of the new Ravens stadium Tuesday to rescue a litter of kittens apparently born there and inadvertently sealed in last week.

Maryland Stadium Authority project manager Alice Hoffman said workers heard meows coming from the area, an upper-deck bathroom, and investigated. By climbing to the top of the wall and shining lights down, they discovered five kittens.

Their mother had apparently climbed into the wall through a gap that was repaired May 29. The mother apparently was not in the wall at the time the masonry was replaced, but the kittens were.

By the time they were rescued, two of the 5-day-old kittens had died. A third died shortly after the rescue.

The surviving two were checked by a veterinarian and brought back to the stadium authority construction trailer, where they are being bottle fed.

"We're looking for a home for [the] kittens," Hoffman said.

Pub Date: 6/07/98

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