Other comments on Goldwater


Goldwater was in a way an American Enoch Powell. He crystallized the rise of conservatism, a John the Baptist figure who stood slightly outside politics, yet created a permanent change in it.

-- The Independent, London, op/ed page

Goldwater's greatest strength was his rough-and-ready western way; he took anti-government stands that had been out of fashion for a century and made them seem fresh and compelling once again.

-- Newsday op/ed page

In this age of political waffling and spin-doctoring, when elections are as much about popularity as policies, the memory of Barry Goldwater's style of politics is refreshing, whether you agreed with him or not.

-- Chicago Tribune editorial

What counted for Goldwater first and last was the freedom of the individual. He spoke up for that freedom regardless of who was wielding the club against it.

In his later years, Goldwater was no happier with the Puritans who had taken over his beloved Grand Old Party than he had been with the liberal Democrats who had ruled the country for 40 years with what he saw as experiments in mandatory compassion.

-- Arizona Republic editorial

Pub Date: 6/02/98

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