Sage advice to Orioles from second-grade pupilsThe...


Sage advice to Orioles from second-grade pupils

The Orioles, and especially Armando Benitez, acted like total idiots. It was because they were frustrated. They were wrong because they shouldn't blame others and hurt them. It's a bad thing to do. I just have to admit, the Yankees are pretty good.

When you're frustrated, keep practicing, punch a pillow, wash your face.

Michael Ingber

Owings Mills

Armando Benitez shouldn't have thrown the ball at Tino Martinez just because the hitter before Mr. Martinez hit a home run. In my school, we learn that when you get frustrated, not to blame anyone else.

Deborah Herr


The O's need to calm down. It's not easy, but it helps.

Norm Raffel


The O's and the Yankees over-reacted, especially Armando Benitez. Instead of throwing a ball right at Tino Martinez, he could have talked to himself, practiced to improve, tried again or calmed down. That's what I do.

Jared Levine

Owings Mills

The O's and the Yankees had bad sportsmanship, especially Armando Benitez. What the O's and Yankees should have done is practice to improve. They should not have fought.

Alana Kreshtool


The O's and the Yankees should not fight because they won't solve their problems that way.

They should have said, "At least I tried hard."

Maytal Eyal


The Orioles had very bad sportsmanship with the Yankees. When I get very mad, I punch a pillow. But the Orioles, they were just [wrong]. We learned in kindergarten not to be that way."

Zach Wiener


The writers are second-grade students at Krieger Schechter Day School in Stevenson.

Tales of bears, rain and moon are favorites of first-graders

I liked the story "Peace at Last" by Jill Murphy because it is funny. Wherever Mr. Bear goes there are noises. At the end, he found a quiet place.

Joanna Akras


In "Peace at Last," by Jill Murphy, the main characters are Mr. Bear, Mrs. Bear and Baby Bear. I like this story because of the "Miaaaow!" The cats sang, and Mr. Bear, Mrs. Bear and Baby Bear fell asleep.

Ashley Donophan


My favorite story is "Moondance" by Frank Asch because it talks about rain and fog and the moon. The main characters are Bear and Little Bird. Bear got to dance with the moon and fog and rain.

randen Braden


DTC I like "Peace at Last" by Jill Murphy because Baby Bear was pretending to be an astronaut. Mr. Bear couldn't go to sleep.

Michael Flack


The writers are first-grade students at Sandy Plains Elementary School.

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Pub Date: 5/30/98

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