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Meet Grant Hill

Detroit Pistons forward Grant Hill is awesome! His spectacular dunks and sharp passing remind people of Michael Jordan. He is also polite and humble. Grant attended Duke University because it had a top basketball program and excellent academics. He helped Duke win two national championships.

Grant's secret ambition is to sing. "If I could sing, I wouldn't play basketball," Grant says.

NBA fans hope Grant never takes singing lessons! Q. What did the football player get for his birthday?

A. A Tackle Me Elmo doll!

- Kyle, 11

Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Q. What do referees and Snow White have in common?

A. They all whistle while they work!

- Drew, 9

Flandreau, South Dakota

Q. What is the cyclist's favorite part of a flower?

A. The petal [pedal]

- Matt, 14

Convent, Louisiana

Pub Date: 5/27/98

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