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Whether you have a bet on the lyrics of a song or you need lyrics to the tunes you hum in the shower, the Internet offers an incredible variety of song lyrics at hundreds of Web sites.

Once looked upon as possibly violating copyright laws, Web sites offering lyrics have proliferated in recent months. Now it would be virtually impossible for the holders of copyrighted songs to get the lyrics from the Internet.

The lyrics databases can generally be divided into two types - songs of a particular genre or sung by a specific artist or group, and the all-encompassing song lyric database, which is generally searchable by title, artist or even words in the lyrics.

The Song Lyric Search page at http://dos.digisys.net claims to be the fastest lyric search engine on the Net. TPP Data Systems, owner of the site, says 45,570 songs are indexed. You can search by title, the artist or group that recorded it, the album it's from or even a word or two from the lyrics themselves.

The International Lyrics Server at www.lyrics.ch is based in Switzerland and claims to have nearly 79,000 songs in its database. Its current feature is a link to the song lyrics of the late Frank Sinatra. The songs in the database include rock, pop, oldies, folk and more.

The Digital Tradition Folk Song Database is one of the best for finding traditional music on the Web. Sponsored by the Mudcat Cafe, you can find it at www.mudcat.org/folksearch.html.

If you're the parent of a small child and can only hum lullabies because you don't know the words, try the Web site for lullabies and children's songs at www.stairway.org/kidsongs/index.html. The site lists more than 500 song lyrics for children.

Nearly every artist who's achieved fame has a Web site that lists his or her lyrics. They include:

* A Bob Dylan Web site at www.bobdylan.com, sponsored by Columbia Records that not only has the lyrics to Dylan tunes but audio files of Dylan performances and the latest information on where the music legend is performing.

* The Beatles, several of whose fans have built virtual shrines to them in cyberspace. To see one of the best Beatles lyrics databases, try www.smoky.org/wes/Beatles/ intro.html.

* The Grateful Dead, the subject of an annotated lyrics Web site at http://arts.ucsc.edu/gdead/agdl.

Sportsweb debuts

Reuters, the international news agency, is the latest entrant into the sports scene on the Internet with Sportsweb at www.sportsweb.com. Because of the international nature of the new service, you'll get more than just traditional U.S. sports on this site.

Pub Date: 5/25/98

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