Flexible gloves promise relief for keyboarders


A helping hand

Lately, I've been receiving an auto-response e-mail message at an alarming rate: "Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, I'm suffering from RSI and have to limit my computer time. Please be patient and I'll try to respond as soon as possible." As someone who suffers from a debilitating form of arthritis, I'm amazed that I haven't already developed some form of RSI (repetitive stress injury), the generic term for the cumulative, chronic "microinjuries" associated with repetitive movements and work fatigue.

Now my saving grace is a pair of stretchy, fingerless typing gloves called "Handeze." When I got them, I thought they looked dorky (mine are an ugly beige). I also thought they were too tight and made my hands sweat (not to mention their goofy name). But they're a godsend, and I often find myself wearing them even after I'm through working.

Handeze are made of something called Med-A-Likra, a stretchy Ace bandagelike material that forms tightly around the hand, especially the wrists. The gloves provide support and massage your hands as you work. They also generate heat, which helps prevent trauma. They definitely make a difference to me after a long day of keyboarding. Handeze Gloves are $19.95 a pair.

Information: 1-800-255-3427 or www.handeze.com.

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