Printing e-mail is no treat


Q. I have asked several computer gurus how I can correct a problem with printing e-mail. When I send a message, the printout does not follow what I see on my desktop. The sentences are printed erratically, starting and stopping all over the page, which makes for herky-jerky reading. What can I do to correct this? E-mail from other parties is sometimes received in the same erratic way, but not always.

A. I can only tell you that I wish I had a magic bullet to fix the phenomenon of line-feed burping in e-mail. The problem is that e-mail is produced in programs that vary greatly in width, and the software often uses traditional paragraphing to make the sentences wrap to fit its window. When you call these notes up in different software, the paragraph cutoffs get out of sync.

The best advice I can offer is to load the e-mail into a word processor and set it to display all paragraph marks.

You can then either clean them up one by one or do a search and replace.

You will note when displaying the paragraph marks that each line ends with one of them, but at the places where real paragraphs should occur there are two paragraph signs instead of one.

First, do search and replace for two paragraph marks together and replace these with something like zzzzz.

Then replace all single paragraph marks with a blank space. Finally do a search and replace to change all zzzzz occurrences to a single paragraph mark.

Better yet, do what I mostly do: Just put up with the herky-jerky.

Q. I deleted Greetings Workshop from my computer, but now every time I start up, I get a message that says it can't find gwremind.exe to run Greetings Workshop (duh). I click OK, then I get another message that restates the obvious and then says, "Remove any reference to gwremind.exe in the win.ini file." How do I keep these messages from appearing, and how do I remove the above stated reference? I have Win 95 (of course, or else I wouldn't have these problems). I know enough about computers to know one shouldn't mess around needlessly with .ini files. Help! This is driving me nuts.

A. Just as the machine says, you will get that irksome error message every time you turn the machine on until you bite the bullet and do what Bill Gates tells you to do. To wit:

Click on Start and then Run. Type in the program name "sysedit."

A window will come up with the .ini file and several others waiting to be edited.

All you need to do is browse through the .ini file and find every line with gwremind.exe in it. Then type the expression "REM" in front of each of those lines and save it when prompted.

On the off chance you do something wrong, you can run sysedit again and restore things by removing REM.

It's not anywhere near as scary doing this as it is reading about it. Give it a go.

Pub Date: 5/25/98

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