Fungal disease afflicts trees


Q.I moved into a house with some large, healthy-looking shade trees. The leaves on the sycamores and maples are developing brown spots and some of the leaves seem to be curling and dying.

Does this sound like a disease? Is it serious?

A. You're observing the symptoms of a very common shade-tree disease - anthracnose. Spotting and curling occurs on the leaves of ash, oak, maple, sycamore, hickory and beech. This fungal disease is most severe during cool, wet springs.

Mature trees can recover from the infection and leaf loss without fungicide treatments. How-ever, if you have trees less than 3 years old that are severely infected, you should spray with a fungicide next spring when the leaves first unfurl. Raking up and disposing of fallen leaves also may help reduce the incidence of anthracnose in your landscape.

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Pub Date: 5/24/98

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