Trooper dutySTATE TROOPERS were so busy tending...


Trooper duty

STATE TROOPERS were so busy tending to the traffic backup near Annapolis after a fender-bender during Monday evening's rush hour that a corporal at the Annapolis barracks was unable to get in touch with them to get details for reporters on deadline.

During several calls, the corporal said the troopers had not returned with information and finally said: "I don't know what to tell you, miss. He's out there doing trooper things."

I PICKED a doctor out of the Yellow Pages based on office location -- near my Glen Burnie apartment -- and name -- as mellifluously Italian as my own. But what seemed like a good idea hasn't exactly worked out. It's a little disconcerting being examined by a man who resembles your grandfather. And that homey, oh-so-familiar Italian accent? Well, that can be troubling, too, as was this exchange we had the other day:

"When was your last mammogram?"

"Years ago. Maybe seven."

"You must have one right away -- is a mass."

"A MASS. Oh no!"

"A mast, a mast, not a mass."

Oh, a must.

Grazie Dei.

Rosemary Armao

Called to court

EARLY FRIDAY morning at the District Courthouse in Glen Burnie, Judge Nancy Davis-Loomis was patiently waiting as a bailiff repeatedly called out the name of a man who was supposed to appear in her second-floor courtroom.

Finally, the bailiff walked out the door and bellowed the man's name in the hallway. The judge looked to the spectators and quipped: "Well, [he] should be able to hear him if he's anywhere on the second floor."

Cheryl Tan

Prom breakfast

IT'S MID-afternoon Friday and Philadelphia Style Cafe in the Ritchie Robinson Plaza in Severna Park is almost deserted. Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Proud Mary" is blasting from a radio somewhere back in the kitchen.

"It's kind of a crazy afternoon," owner George Bishop apologizes as he brings out a cheese steak and an order of fries. "It's prom night, and I gave them the afternoon off," he explains, referring to his mostly high school-age employees. "They're all out getting their hair done and their tuxes and all."

But his teen-age employees and their friends will be back about 2 a.m., not to work an early morning shift, but for breakfast. Bishop is prepared with 14 dozen eggs, 30 pounds of bacon, gallons of coffee and the fixings for a Norwegian breakfast roll. And when they're finished eating, he'll check them out with computerized sobriety tests he's set up in the restaurant.

It's something he's done before, he says; serving breakfast and administering his own sobriety tests. More than once he's taken the car keys from youths he thought were drunk and made them sleep in the storage room.

"They're good kids," he says. "But I'm not an idealist. I know they're going to drink. I just want to make sure they have food in their stomachs and some guidance."

Joel McCord

Unsuspecting traveler

AT BALTIMORE-Washington International Airport on Friday, Tammy Frazer, a 35-year-old real estate manager, got ensnared in what airport officials are saying is the busiest weekend of the year, with people coming and going to be with friends and family during Memorial Day weekend.

She was doing the opposite: heading from a visit with family in Williamsburg, Va., home to San Diego.

In front of her she pushed a metal trolley, loaded with three suitcases, one easily heavier than her body weight and another one new, to accommodate the shopping she did. Looking around at all the lines, the luggage and the people rushing into the terminal and out of taxis, she said, "I had no idea I was going to run into the busiest day in travel history!"

Elaine Tassy DURING THE season of Mother's Day and Father's Day let's hear it for the parents!

Sitting in the courtroom for segments of the Scotland E. Williams capital murder trial have been unsung mothers and fathers of some of the key players in that Anne Arundel County Circuit Court drama in Annapolis.

Assistant public defender Michele Nethercott's parents have attended, as have the parents of assistant state's attorney Anne Colt Leitess and Judge Pamela L. North.

Pub Date: 5/24/98

Andrea F. Siegel

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