Search for momentum continues


NEW YORK -- Each game brings the same questions, the same why's and when's and how's.

Why can't the Orioles get rolling? When, if ever, will it happen? How can they reverse this terrible slide?

"This is a game of momentum both ways. It can go bad as quick as it can go good," pitcher Jimmy Key said yesterday. "Sometimes it doesn't matter what kind of talent you've got, what kind of team you've got. Once you get going the wrong way it's tough to turn it around. But I don't see this team quitting. We've got a lot of baseball left."

Rafael Palmeiro said if he knew the reasons for his club's struggles, "We wouldn't be in this [mess]."

"We have to just keep coming out and playing hard and prepare the right way. We think we have good enough talent here that we can turn this thing around," he said.

"It's still early and we believe we can still make the playoffs. But that's too far out there. We're not going to worry about that. We're going to take each game and try to get better and get on a roll."

Are the Orioles' toast?

"We'd like to think so," Yankees manager Joe Torre said, "but we know better."

Pub Date: 5/22/98

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