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Game show of life

Athlete's foot is caused by:

A - wet floors

B - bad karma

C - yeast

D - germs

E - sweat

F - Nikes

Answer: C: Those itchy feet with that skin that peels and stings are caused by fungus growing on your skin. All yeasts are kinds of fungi!

Where do...

The holes in Swiss cheese come from?

Torey Canale

Westfield, Wisconsin

Cheese is a way of preserving milk. That was very important before refrigerators were invented. Cheeses are preserved with different bacteria and molds. They cure milk into solid cheese. The holes in some cheeses are bubbles inflated by microbes curing the cheese. The gas is a microbe waste product.

How can...

Justice be a set of scales? Is that how it looks?

Amanda Zanoran

Johnstown, Pennyslvania

Scales weigh and balance. The idea is that people look at different arguments and different sides of an issue and create a balanced decision. Sometimes that's called weighing the evidence, another thing scales do.

What is...

Gingivitis? What causes it?

Douglas Pope Wilson

Wilmington, Deleware

Gingivitis is a word you hear a lot on TV commercials. It's a disease caused by bacteria living on unbrushed teeth. Bacteria eat food leftovers and their waste products inflame the gums. Inflammation means that extra blood is sent to your gums. That can make your gums bleed.

Pub Date: 5/22/98

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