A real new thing for cola generationIn...


A real new thing for cola generation

In a blind taste test (I shut my eyes and took a swig), the new Virgin Cola from Britain tasted pretty much like other colas. But if image is everything, Coke and Pepsi's latest competition should make a huge splash. It's produced by Richard Branson, the flamboyant tycoon who also runs an airline and music stores under the name Virgin. Look for his cola, regular and diet, in convenience stores.

Recipes appealing in their simplicity

Maybe the gourmet cooking magazines don't interest you much; you'd just like a little help getting dinner on the table tonight. If so, take a look at the new Family Circle Joy of Cooking magazine ($3.99), on newsstands now through July 14. The recipes have an old-fashioned goodness and simplicity that's very appealing; they are updated just enough to be practical.

Pub Date: 5/20/98


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