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Art for art's sake; Book ListDo you...


Art for art's sake; Book List

Do you have an artist among your young readers?

Check these books out. (And there's no mess to clean up!):

* "Pearl Paints," by Abigail Thomas

* "A Blue Butterfly," by Bijou LeTord

* "Color," by Ruth Heller

* "The Art Lesson," by Tomie DePaola

* "Draw Me a Star," by Eric Carle

* "Gift of Driscoll Lipscomb," by Sarah Yamaka

* "Emma," by Wendy Kesselman

- Courtesy Barnes & Noble, children's

division, Annapolis Harbour Center

Free stuff! And cheap too; Of Consuming Interest

For these free brochures, write to the International Reading Association, 800 Barksdale Road, P.O. Box 8139, Newark, DE 19714.

* "Good Books Make Reading Fun for Your Child"

* "Get Ready to Read! Tips for Parents of Young Children"

* "Explore the Playground of Books: Tips for Parents of Beginning Readers"

Or send $2 each to the same address for these booklets:

"How Can I Prepare My Young Child for Reading"

* "Helping Your Child Become a Better Reader"

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