What they're saying about Wells' perfect game


"Couldn't happen to a crazier guy, huh?

-- David Wells

"This kind of accomplishment is too far-fetched for me. You know what's going on, you try to keep things in check, but there's no way in heck you can."

-- Wells

"Once in Cincinnati, I had a no-hitter going, and Davey Johnson made a defensive change, then the next batter got a hit. I head-butted him."

-- Wells

"That was pretty spectacular. The fact that he kept his composure and was able to do that in this ballpark with 50,000 people screaming, that's pretty impressive."

-- Twins pitcher Bob Tewksbury

"He painted me a good fastball away. He came back with another one that was maybe a couple of inches outside. The way the game was going, it would have been very difficult not to call it a strike. He didn't give in to me."

-- Twins' Paul Molitor, seven-time All-Star and member of baseball's 3,000-hit club, on seventh inning at-bat in which he struck out after getting ahead 3-1 in the count.

"Once he got Molly out, he was going to pitch a perfect game. That's being tested big-time when you go 3-and-1 on that kind of hitter."

-- Yankees manager Joe Torre

"I had butterflies, my heart was pounding, I was very nervous. I have no words to describe it. He was unbelievable."

-- Yankees catcher Jorge Posada

"Boomer is the farthest thing from a Beanie Baby."

-- Torre, referring to the Yankee Stadium promotion yesterday.

"He'll probably make a lot more money from it than I did. I got nothing, not a penny. I forget if they even shook my hand."

-- Ex-Yankee Don Larsen, who pitched the only no-hitter in World Series history.

"I got here late. What happened?"

-- Comedian Billy Crystal, speaking to Wells in the Yankees' clubhouse. Crystal was there to get his ticket stub signed.

Wells play-by-play

First: Matt Lawton flied out to left. Brent Gates flied out to center. Paul Molitor grounded out to second.

Second: Marty Cordova grounded out to pitcher. Ron Coomer struck out. Alex Ochoa fouled out to catcher.

Third: Jon Shave struck out. Javier Valentin struck out. Pat Meares struck out.

Fourth: Lawton popped out to shortstop. Gates struck out. Molitor flied out to left.

Fifth: Cordova struck out. Coomer struck out. Ochoa grounded out to second.

Sixth: Shave struck out. Valentin struck out. Meares flied out to center.

Seventh: Lawton flied out to center. Gates grounded out to first. Molitor struck out.

Eighth: Cordova grounded out to shortstop. Coomer grounded out to second. Ochoa popped out to first.

Ninth: Shave flied out to right field. Valentin struck out. Meares flied out to right.

Heavy D

David Wells' weight has been an issue throughout his career. A look at where he ranks in the listed weights of perfect-game pitchers since 1900:

D. Larsen, 227

L. Barker, 225

D. Wells, 225

S. Koufax, 210

C. Young, 210

K. Rogers, 205

J. Bunning, 195

C. Hunter, 195

M. Witt, 192

T. Browning, 190

A. Joss, 185

D. Martinez, 185

C. Robert'n, 175

Pub Date: 5/18/98

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