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Where to get information on GPS


Here's a roundup of the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite receivers we tested, along with other GPS sources.

Keep in mind that manufacturers of hand-held units make several models in different price ranges, and software publishers who offer GPS also sell street-mapping programs without GPS capability.


Magellan GPS Pioneer. Hand-held GPS receiver. Simple and effective. Available in stores including Kmart and catalogs including L.L. Bean. $99.99. Information: 1-800-669-4477 or

Garmin GPS II Plus. Hand-held GPS receiver. Handy on the trail or in the car. $386.35. Information: 800-800-1020 or

Another option: Eagle GPS receivers. Information: 1-800-324-1354 or

For the car

TravRoute's Door-to-Door CoPilot. Routing, ttracking and mapping software with GPS receiver for use with laptop PCs. Recognizes voice commands and responds with spoken directions, $399.99. Information: 1-888-872-8688or

DeLorme Tripmate. Routing and tracking software and receiver for use with Macintosh or PC (PC version has door-to-door routing and voice recognition). $159. More information: 1-800-511-2459 or

Other options: Etak's SkyMap (888-275-9627 or and Rand McNally's TripMaker (800-333-0136 or

On the Web

If you're not sure you want to buy a mapping program, start online with a Web site that does the same thing, free of charge.

MapQuest One of the best sources of maps and directions on the web, with tips on lodging, dining and other information from the Mobil Travel Guide.

DeLorme CyberMaps ( Maps and AAA Map'n'Go directions from the company that makes Tripmate.

EtakGuide mapping from the software maker.

L Vicinity's MapBlast ( Directions and maps.

Maps On Us ( directions and maps.

AutoPilot ( Directions, no maps.

Tiger Map Server Browser ( The Census Bureau offers layers of fascinating information.

! Pub date: 5/18/98

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