A turn for the better Repairs: Engineers are correcting a sharp turn and creating a new intersection on Earleigh Heights Road in Anne Arundel County.


IN ANNE ARUNDEL County, it might seem that matters at Earleigh Heights Road between Truck House and Jumpers Hole roads are a bit topsy-turvy.

But hold the car phone. Engineers there are trying to improve safety and traffic flow by realigning the curvy path.

The realignment should eliminate a sharp turn in Earleigh Heights and an unsafe intersection at Jumpers Hole, which suffers from shabby sight distance. County contractor Kibler Construction Co. Inc. recently started the project near Truck House Road, routing traffic to a new intersection with Jumpers Hole and Kinder roads -- about 400 feet north of the existing intersection.

Soon Kibler's elves will move to realign Kinder to intersect Jumpers Hole at a 90-degree angle and then widen Jumpers Hole between Edin Garth and Sylvan Avenue.

The entire project is expected to cost $986,000 and should be complete about April next year, county officials said last week.

Look for a traffic signal at the new intersection of Jumpers Hole, Kinder and Earleigh Heights in the near future, too.

Beware of heavy traffic during Commissioning Week

Annapolis can be congested at the best of times -- and the Commissioning Week activities that start today are sure to dump more traffic on streets. The Naval Academy is trying to help, providing free shuttle bus service from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

Today through Thursday, visitors should park at the stadium and take buses that will run at 30-minute intervals from 7: 30 a.m. to 9 p.m. They will pick up and discharge passengers at the stadium, Hubbard Hall, Alumni Hall, Luce Hall and the Visitor Center. Tomorrow and Wednesday, from 10 a.m. until the Blue Angels' air shows are over in the afternoon, the buses will stop only at the stadium and Alumni Hall.

Parking at the stadium will cost $3 weekdays and $4 weekends. Parking Friday is free for those who have graduation tickets.

Shuttle bus service will not be provided graduation day, unless bad weather forces ceremonies inside at Alumni Hall. In that case, buses will run at 15-minute intervals between the stadium and the hall from 7: 30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

To provide a safety zone during the rehearsal and flight demonstration of the Blue Angels, the Naval Academy Bridge, Route 450, will be closed to all vehicles and pedestrians from 11: 30 a.m to 4 p.m. Tuesday and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Cars no match for dip at Baltimore intersection

Want to go to the center of the Earth?

That is just about where your car is headed when you hit a huge dip on Hillen Road where it intersects with Woodbourne Avenue in Baltimore's northeast section.

A shock to many, the dip appeared about three weeks ago after construction workers, trying to repave Woodbourne for what seems like six months, inadequately patched a hole created during work in the intersection.

"It's knocking my car out of alignment," is how commuter Samuel Boykins described the problem.

Kurt L. Kocher, spokesman for the city's Department of Public Works, blamed the dip on improper settling of asphalt. He immediately dispatched a city crew to fill the dip after a query from your wheelster.

"It was a 106-foot repair," Kocher said of the emergency work.

Official gives assurances hazardous sign to be moved

Intrepid recently highlighted another problem on Hillen Road -- this one at Roundhill Road.

The large, green Hillen Road Improvement Association sign welcoming all to the community is rather unfriendly to commuters trying to see to navigate through the intersection. As one neighbor put it: "It is definitely a hazard, and something should be done about it."

Four months ago, DPW bureaucrats pledged to move the sign -- yet nothing has been done. Once again last week, Kocher promised that help was on the way.

"Permits are in to have the sign moved 100 feet to the south," he explained.

Stay tuned.


The State Highway Administration will hold a public hearing June 2 at Middle River Middle School to explore traffic access strategies for development in the eastern Baltimore County area. Residents are urged to attend and participate in the process that includes traffic safety issues.

Pub Date: 5/18/98

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