Pay for teachers vs. principals County is in process of reviewing budget


The county's highest-paid principals generally work at middle schools and elementary schools, not at high schools, where the county's highest-paid teachers are assigned, according to an analysis of Anne Arundel County public schools employee salaries.

The county is reviewing a budget to be approved at the end of the month.

The largest part of the county budget is schools, and the largest part of the school budget is salaries. Of the 10 highest-paid Anne Arundel principals, six work at middle schools and two at elementary schools.

Lindale-Brooklyn Park Middle School paid its principal the biggest salary in 1998 and five years ago.

In 1993, Joel Drapalski made $71,906. This year, Judith Jenkins earns $85,864.

"One of the reasons she's on that list is because Lindale-Brooklyn Park is a merger of two schools," said David D. Lombardo, director of human resources for the schools. "Principals get paid according to their education level and their longevity and the size of their school. That's one of the biggest schools in the county."

Lindale-Brooklyn Park's enrollment, estimated at 1,005, makes it the third largest of 18 middle schools in the county.

The other middle school principals in the top 10 work at Chesapeake Bay, Marley, Magothy River, Corkran and Old Mill South middle schools.

Chesapeake Bay is the largest middle school in the county, with 1,561 students.

The two elementary school principals work at Jessup and Rippling Woods elementary schools. Jessup is the largest elementary school, with 760 students, and Rippling Woods Elementary is the third largest, with 705 students.

The second-highest-paid principal in the county, Harry Calender, earns $85,760 and works at Chesapeake Senior High School, which has an enrollment of 1,721 students.

Chesapeake is the sixth largest high school in the county. None of the five largest schools in the county have principals in the top 10.

The other high school principal on the list -- James Hamilton of South River Senior High School -- earns $82,430.

Seven of the top 10 principals earn this amount.

L South River is the smallest of the county's 11 high schools.

Lombardo said three factors are considered in determining principals' salaries: their position -- either assistant principal or principal; enrollment in the school; and the individual's tenure within the school system.

"They're located in 10 different job groups, and the job group that they're in is determined by the size of the school, and the other factor is how long they've been in the system," he said.

Of the top 10, Lombardo said, "All are at the top of their [pay] scale and have at least 28 years of experience. Several have over 30 years of experience."

In contrast, the county's highest-paid teachers assigned to specific schools teach at the high school level. Three teacher specialists on the top 10 list float from school to school.

Mary Dulina, the second-highest-paid on the list, is a teacher on loan, meaning she was working in the school system's administration wing but has been temporarily reassigned as a teacher. Both she and the teacher specialists are certified teachers, but they are not assigned to specific schools.

Two of the highest-paid teachers work at Chesapeake Senior High School.

Science teacher Robert Engelmeyer tops the list with an annual salary of $72,628. Alfred Grau, physical education teacher and athletic director, makes $64,635 and comes in at No. 7.

Teacher salaries are based on longevity within the school system and the level of education attained.

"For example, if you had a master's degree or a master's degree plus 30 years [in the school system], you're going to make more than someone with a bachelor's degree," Lombardo said.

Of the top 10 teachers, all have between 28 and 30 years of experience, three have doctorates and two work year-round.

Also, five are athletic directors, for which they earn a stipend of $10,000 in addition to their regular teaching salary.

Top 10 salaries


1. Robert Engelmeyer, science, Chesapeake Senior High, $72,628

2. Mary Dulina, teacher on loan, personnel worker within student services department has been assigned temporarily as a teacher, $70,147

3. Margie Kerman, specialist in special education, works in several schools, $67,422

4. James Dillon, physical education and athletic director, Old Mill High, $66,832

5. Roger Stitt, social studies and athletic director, Northeast High, $65,552

6. Michael Baker, physical education and athletic director, North County Senior High, $64,635

7. Alfred Grau, physical education and athletic director, Chesapeake Senior High, $64,635

8. Fred Stauffer, mathematics and athletic director Annapolis High, $64,635

9. Diane Johnson, teacher specialist in data and school planning, works in several schools, $64,491

10. Laurel Walker, teacher specialist in special education, works in several schools, $63,721

Top 10 salaries


1. Judith Jenkins, $85,864, Lindale-Brooklyn Park Middle

2. Harry Calender, $85,760, Chesapeake Senior High

3. Charity McClellan, $85,760, Chesapeake Bay Middle

4. John Kozora, $82,430, Marley Middle

5. Rosemarie Thompson, $82,430, Jessup Elementary

6. Dixie Stack, $82,430, Magothy River Middle

7. Norbert Paga $82,430, Ripping Woods Elementary

8. Robert Janovsky, $82,430, Corkran Middle

9. James hamilton, $82,430, South River Senior High

Phyllis Cherry, $82,430, Old Mill South Middle

Pub Date: 5/17/98

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