25 years ago:Maryland Insurance Commissioner Thomas J....


25 years ago:

Maryland Insurance Commissioner Thomas J. Hatem has announced that effective April 16, 1973, the town of Union Bridge was made eligible for federal flood insurance. The maximum limits are $17,500 for single residence, $30,000 for two-to-four-family residences and $30,000 for small-business concerns. -- Democratic Advocate May 17, 1973.

50 years ago:

A new exhibition prepared by the editors of Life magazine will be on view at the Westminster Junior-Senior High School library for one week, beginning May 21. "Atomic Energy" was prepared in consultation with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. The numerous photographs emphasize the importance of the layman's understanding the social and political aspects of this great new source of energy. -- Democratic Advocate, May 21, 1948.

75 years ago:

More than 300 signatures were attached to a petition filed Tuesday in the office of Amos W. W. Woodcock, U.S. district attorney, asking for the closing of the North Branch Hotel, on the border of Baltimore and Carroll counties. The place was raided May 5 by prohibition agents. -- Democratic Advocate, May 18, 1923.

100 years ago:

The following letter was received from Tampa, Fla., on Monday by Mrs. Wm. Stansbury: "Dear sister, I and our troops are still here. This is a very warm place, and is full of alligators, lizards, snakes and all kinds of reptiles. We had a fine time swimming our horses across Tampa Bay, our backs were sunburned wonderfully. Sand is very deep, up to the knees of the horses in the streets. They say the Cuban ladies are pretty. I haven't seen any of them yet, but expect to before very long as we are awaiting orders to move to Cuban soil most any moment. Yours truly, brother Roy Powder, Camp of 6th Cavalry, Tampa, Florida." -- Democratic Advocate, May 28, 1898.

Pub Date: 5/17/98

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