Tributes to 'Ol Blue Eyes


Tony Bennett: 'One of Sinatra's favorite toasts to make with a glass in hand was: 'May you live to be 100, and may the last voice you hear be mine.' The master is gone, but his voice will live forever.'

Mel Torme: "Frank Sinatra was a true original. He held the patent, the original blueprint on singing the popular song, a man who would have thousands of imitators but who, himself, would never be influenced by a single, solitary person."

President Clinton.: "I think every American would have to smile and say he really did do it his way."

Shirley MacLaine: "We have lost part of our capacity to self-reflect because Frank is gone."

Gore Vidal.: "I would say that half the population of the United States over the age of 40 was conceived while their parents were listening to his records. He played a great romantic role in the country. ... Most singers are pretty bland, mellifluous Bing Crosby put you to sleep; Sinatra got the blood flowing."

Mia Farrow: "He was the first love of my life, and he remained a true friend, always there when I needed him. I will miss him more than words can say."

U2 lead singer Bono: "Frank Sinatra was the 20th century, he was modern, he was complex, he had swing and he had attitude. He was the big bang of pop ... the man invented pop music."

Statement from Nancy, Frank, Tina, AJ, Amanda and Michael, Frank Sinatra's children and grandchildren: 'Our father and grandfather was a man of dreams, man of passion, strength, loyalty and gentleness. His lessons and love were the only constant in an ever-changing world. He is and always will be the center of our universe. We offer our condolences to you as you offer yours to us.'

Tony Orlando.: "Frank Sinatra was the alpha and omega of it all, the most influential singer and performer of all time."

Vic Damone.: "He was my role model, my mentor, and most importantly, my friend. There will never ever be another Francis Albert Sinatra. Nobody will ever come close."

Martin Scorsese. "There will never be another him. You know, he's the idol. He was the original. ... He was an idol of mine and millions. A great Italian American, a great American, and a great actor."

French President Jacques Chirac.: "He of course had his talent, his charisma and his voice. ... But he also had his personality, warm, passionate. I had the chance to meet him, and there was immediate sympathy between us. ... He will not be replaced."

British Prime Minister Tony Blair.: "Frank Sinatra is one of the greatest performers of this century. ... I have grown up with Frank Sinatra, and he will be deeply missed."

Stan Britt, author of "Frank Sinatra: A Celebration."; To watch Sinatra perform you got something you did not get with other singers it was an education."

Ernest Borgnine.: "The world has now lost one of the most precious commodities. ... In all memories, from childhood to romance to the mature years, Frank has been with us in all times. He gave so much of himself and much more than people realized. It is a sad day today because Frank touched everyone in the world."

Pub Date: 5/16/98

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