Youth group's yard sale to seek funds for Mexico trip


ON MAY 23, the Remnant -- the youth group of the Bethel Assembly of God -- will sponsor a yard sale to raise money for a trip to Mexico City.

Eight teen-agers, along with four adult leaders, plan to spend 10 days there this summer as missionaries for their faith. The group hopes to raise $900 a person to defray the cost of the trip. The Remnant has held bake sales and car washes as fund-raisers.

The trip promises to be an eye-opening experience for the teen-agers, who have not participated in this type of foreign mission.

Philip Cox, the youth leader and one of the adults making the trip, remembers that his first experiences in Siberia and Honduras gave him a better appreciation of the lives of others. The trip this summer is part of the Assemblies of God faith's AIM project -- Ambassadors in Mission. The Bethel group chose Mexico over London and two cities in the United States.

Remnant members chose Mexico to broaden their horizons, said Cox, who added that a visit to Mexico City, one of the most populous cities in the world, should prove more revealing than a trip to London.

While in Mexico, the 12 church members plan to work at an orphanage and a children's home. The group will be involved in a street ministry, setting up brief dramas in public areas.

Helping to shepherd the teens, along with Cox, are Jessica Schwartz and Mike Glass.

Everyone is taking a crash course in Spanish, although there will be interpreters available in Mexico and youths from other churches attending.

This should be the trip of a lifetime for Patrick Flores, Erin and Jason Eitmiller, Sarah and J. C. Rivera, Mark Rushing, John Riley and Chris Bowers.

Mark your calendars for May 23 for the group's yard sale. It will be held at Bethel Christian Academy, 8455 Savage-Guilford Road in Savage.

Savage Fest

It is only a few weeks until the annual Savage block party and parade. This year, Savage Fest returns to the grounds behind Baldwin Hall at Foundry and Baltimore streets.

It's a one-day event -- from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. June 6. The rain date is June 7.

Games, food, crafts and face painting will be available; magician Keith Meidling will perform. Music will be provided by the Savage Country Bluegrass band and by Benny Dean.

The planning committee -- a half-dozen harried folks -- could use help. The committee members are open to suggestions.

The last two meetings of the planning committee will be held Tuesday and June 2.

Information: Myra Phelps, at 301-498-9133.

Murray Hill PTA

The school year is coming to a close and the folks at the new Murray Hill PTA are tired -- thrilled, but tired.

The group has helped support a school that wasn't quite finished on opening day, with insufficient equipment for the physical education program and with no school community to build upon.

They were pioneers. A note of congratulations to Pat Wilbur, mentioned by Murray Hill PTA President Donna Thewes as one of the major supporters of the school. And thanks to all the other volunteers, too.

What is built in one year must be carried on by others. Volunteering to serve on the PTA next year are: Sheila Abram, Nancy Peters, Judy Faudale, Lisa Nickell, Maggie Blackwell, Dan Hill and Pat Flynn.

Pub Date: 5/15/98

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