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Why do you burp after drinking soda pop?

Connie Fu

' Centerville, Ohio

There are two reasons. We swallow air every time we swallow food or drink. The fizz in soda pop is the gas carbon dioxide. Pop releases lots of it when it hits the rough surface of your stomach. This air and fizz gas have to get out. So you burp.

My favorite doll's...

Hair won't brush or comb. Why is that?

Brittney Dawson

Baltimore, Maryland

Dolls can be like living things to us. But someone actually made your doll, probably in a factory. Doll hair that combs is thousands of single, long strands. Hair that doesn't comb is fuzz - lots of short, tangled-up fibers. Brushes just get caught in it.

What Stinks...

When animals die?

Pete Medrano Austin, Texas

It's called putrefication (pew-tra-fe-KA-shun). It's also called rotting. When microbes begin eating a dead animal, they make waste products. Those microbe wastes are what begin the smells. Other microbes come along and eat the smelly waste products and they make more smelly waste, too.

What are ...


Dane Mattson

Brule, Wisconsin

Warts are infections from a virus. A virus is an extremely small chunk of information that can splice itself into the cells of your body. That changes the instructions for those cells. Those new instructions build the bumps.

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Pub Date: 5/15/98

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